Ernest Hatfield

Ernest Hatfield has been competing and training horses in a variety of disciplines for over twenty years. His unique, kind and gentle training methods help horses understand what is expected of them by making the right things easy and the wrong things difficult in a manner that is not abusive or confusing to the horse. His training methods have produced Congress Top Ten winners, and Champions at The All American Youth Horse Show, Top Ten Youth in the Nation at the American Paint Horse Shows, as well as the Reserve Champion in Non Pro Herd work at the Ohio Reined Cow Horse Association show.

Ernest's clear concussive coaching methods allow him to present his training methods to riders of all disciplines and riding levels, giving the riders better communication with their horses, which allows them to excel in whatever discipline that they choose. He has a gift for teaching and openly shares his knowledge of training with each student that rides with him, and can clearly explain each detail to allow his riders to experience the best possible ride on their horses. He produces riders and horses that are willing , confident and competitive.